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Use Eco-Friendly Bags And Improve Our Ocean’s Ecosystem

Use Eco-Friendly Bags And Improve Our Ocean’s Ecosystem

Use of plastic has been a common practice since past few decades. The plastic we use can be in the form of bottles, disposable razors, shampoo bottles, unbreakable soda bottles, gift wrappers, and carry bags. Carry bags, in particular, can be seen being used everywhere. These plastic bags are not eco-friendly bags and after meant for single-use and after that, they are thrown away as garbage. Sometimes we use them, but inevitably, they go to the waste bin at some point.

Plastic is a non-biodegradable source and it cannot be easily decomposed in the soil. Plastic bags thrown away too often which can degrade the quality of the soil while chocking the drains if they somehow get jammed there.

How Plastic bags affect the water bodies?

With the increase in the usage of plastic bags, it is obvious that there will also be an increase in the plastic bags discarded as garbage. Anytime those plastic bags are thrown away, they flow to the drains because of rain. They either choke the drain, or if the bags are not big enough, they flow straight to the rivers. After reaching the river, the plastic bags will float for many days until they finally reach the oceans.

The plastic particles of bags look like food to marine animals, and within no time they are attracted to the plastic bags hoping for a feast. Plastic bags being non-biodegradable are not good for the health of marine animals as it reduces their food consumption and even leads to them starving and dying.

Use alternatives to save the environment

Cotton bags and jute bags are excellent alternatives that can replace plastic bags. These eco-friendly bags will help prevent water pollution and set an example for others to follow such that the use of plastic bags can be reduced.