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Hessian Bags – Top 8 Uses Of The Most Versatile Fabric

Hessian Bags – Top 8 Uses Of The Most Versatile Fabric

Hessian has cemented its reputation as being the most versatile fabric capable of being used for countless application. Hessian, a traditional fibre made from the Jute Plant has been a key material used by various industries for packaging since its use started 150 years ago. Despite facing tough competition from a number of man-made fibres, Hessian has and will always remain an in-demand material because of its high sustainability and eco-friendly benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use this material.

How to use hessian bags in a traditional way

  • Hessian bags are strong. Hence, they are known as the most reliable method of flood protection. They are capable of holding large amounts of sand which can be used for preventing flood damage.

  • Hessian bags showcase excellent thermal properties and can be used to protect the mortar, brickwork, and concrete from frost during cold weather.

  • These bags can be used for packaging items like rice, potatoes, coffee beans, etc. Because of the woven nature of the fabric, there is enough space for the items inside to breathe and get the required moisture.

  • These eco-friendly bags are made from biodegradable material. They are often used for seed protection and weed control.

How to use hessian bags in a non-traditional way

  • Since hessian is a thick material, you can use it to sound proof your room and enjoy a moment of absolute silence or two.

  • Can you imagine a children’s sports day without a sack race? No, right? Hessian bags are used for the mandatory sack race at every event as they are durable and long lasting.

  • Hessian can also be used for a DIY environment friendly scarecrow that keeps the birds away.

  • Hessian can be used as a trendy and durable fabric for household furniture.